You can use Hercules Ultimate Cleaner on just about everything.  Use Hercules Ultimate Cleaner on any surface that may come into contact with bacteria, fungus and viruses.  Our commercial grade products can effectively be used in the following markets:


Hospitals, nursing homes and other healthcare facilities present unique challenges for cleaning personnel. Hercules Ultimate Cleaner has developed productivity enhancing products and services for healthcare. We have a variety of high performance cleaning products for healthcare facilities to meet all your cleaning and infection control needs.


Ensuring that children have clean and healthy environments to learn and play is a priority.  There are 53 million children and 6 million adults that spend significant time indoors in our nations 120,000 public and private school buildings.

Consider these statistics:

•  Studies show that 1/2 of the nations public schools have problems linked to indoor air quality.

•  The EPA ranks indoor air quality (IAQ) among the top five environmental risks to public health.

•  The Surgeon General reports that 1 in 13 school age children suffers from some sort of asthma.  The asthma rates are three times higher than 25 years ago.

Hercules Ultimate Cleaner has developed cleaning products for schools and other educational institutions designed to enhance productivity and save money, all while minimizing impacts on human health and the environment.


Hercules Ultimate Cleaner offers a comprehensive line of floor maintenance products and cleaning products for contract cleaners and for the Building Service Contractor through our authorized distributor.  At Hercules Ultimate Cleaner, we know time is money, that’s why we have developed superior floor strippers that get the job done the first time.  Complete support products including cleaners, restorers, sealers, and specialty products such as Anti-static finishes are available.


Building Service Contractors that offer green cleaning services or would like to offer green-cleaning services should contact Hercules Ultimate Cleaner.  We offer a full line of Green Seal and DfE certified cleaning and floor care products.


Grocery Stores are a special form of retail facility that warrants special procedures and products.  Grocery store floors take a beating from heavy foot traffic, shopping carts, dollies, fork trucks, and a variety of potential spills.  The time allowed to conduct floor maintenance operations is severely limited.  Hercules Ultimate Cleaner offers a full line of floor care products that are well suited to grocery store floors.

Today's grocery stores are a food preparation facility with hot/cold delis, bakeries and butcher shops.   Proper sanitation of these facilities is critical to the successful operation. Hercules Ultimate Cleaner offers products for degreasing, sanitizing, and odor control in food service operations of a grocery store.


Maintaining a clean, safe and healthy environment is essential to providing good care to animals.  We provide an array of cleaning products for animal facilities, including clinics and boarding establishments.  Hercules Ultimate Cleaner addresses the three most important aspects of a cleaning program

•  Odor Control

•  Infection Control

•  General Housekeeping

Hercules Ultimate Cleaner is a highly effective, non-staining, non-tainting detergent-sanitiser for the cleaning and disinfecting of all hard surfaces as part of a regular cleaning and infection control.


Automatic and walk behind floor scrubbers are an essential part of an overall industrial cleaning program.  Our Hercules Ultimate Cleaner innovative degreasers can reduce maintenance costs, extend the life of your machines and keep them operating at peak performance.  The same cleaners can also be used in pressure washers, spray bottles and mop buckets.